Expert Plumbing & Heating Services

Most of us take our home plumbing system for granted, and that’s a good thing because it indicates just how dependably modern plumbing fixtures and drainage systems generally behave. However, without proper maintenance, drains and pipes can become clogged, plagued by corrosion, or even break. This can result in a huge mess as well as possible damage to your home, and it can cost a lot of money to remedy.


Lally Plumbing and Heating provides a professional heating service for both domestic and commercial projects, which include:


  • New bathroom installations including the supply of all sanitary ware
  • Shower installations
  • Supply and repairs to hot water cylinders
  • Supply and repairs to cold water tanks and systems
  • Plumbing of all domestic appliances
  • Repair and maintenance of all plumbing services


  • New sanitary ware installation
  • Replacement of all sanitary ware
  • Supply and repair of cold water tanks and systems
  • Repair and maintenance of all plumbing services